Monday, March 15, 2010

Delora's Communicative Family

 coutesy of: This isn't Happiness blog

Delora has a very large and complicated immediate family.  First, there was Delora, her sister and her brother.  Then Delora's mother pulled a Brady Bunch move and Delora instantly acquired four additional brothers.  Then, Delora's father had two more children with his second wife.  Then many of the siblings got married to great people who became sibling-ish.  Now, Delora can barely swing a cat without hitting one of them.  But because Delora's many, many parents and siblings have very busy lives and are spread across the globe, they frequently have trouble keeping up to date with accurate news of one another.

Even when Delora tries to communicate en masse with these siblings and parents via a blog, her life is like a game of TELEPHONE. Below is an actual conversation that Delora had yesterday:

Delora's Mother:  How is your hernia?

Delora(patiently): Mom, why do you think I have a hernia?

Delora's Mother: I read it on your blog.

Delora: You must not have read the actual blog.

Delora's Mother: No, really, I did!  I read that you had a hernia! How is it?

Delora:  Mom, if you'd read the actual blog, you would have known that that was a joke.  It was a lead into another issue...

Delora's Mother: -silence-

Delora: I don't have a hernia, Mom.

Delora's Mother:  Oh, that's right!  Your brother told me that you had a hernia!  He says he's going to call you about it...

Here's the story of Delora's hernia, Delora's BLOOD BROTHER and Delora's BLOOD MOTHER...
  Delora's Hernia


Mental P Mama said...


Maria said...

I'm so glad you came out of semi retirement. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so much. Keep writing....miss you!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious...but where is the blog about me being to blind to read it. Sure it's coming!
Nan (One of your uncommunicative siblings)

Anonymous said...

American families have much to learn from the Spanish who comnicate with their families every weekend!

Jim said...

Any extra credit to this Brady Bunch brother for having read the entire hernia post?

Also, I love Nancy's comment :)

Delora said...

Major extra credit Jim!! xx

Sue Sue said...

I have to admit as the "blood mother" that I'm a little concerned about the I.Q. genes that I might be passing down. It looks like they have already hit one of the "blood brothers"!!! XXXOOO