Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sauteed Police

We decide to dine at a place in our hood tonight - Fabula.  It reminds us of a hip restaurant from home with modern art, dark walls and electronica playing softly in the background.  Then we get the menus -- no English translations available and nada English speaking person to be found. One teen suggests we just close our eyes and order whatever our finger lands on, a sort of Spanish roulette, but we're not brave enough to pull the trigger. Then we have a brainstorm!  We'll use the translator on my Apple iphone to decode the menu.  The iphone can do no wrong.

First menu item: Tartare de boletus y aquacate con naranja de sangre y carbineros salteados.

Translation:  Avocado tartare with mushrooms and blood Narang and sauteed police.


Mental P Mama said...

I hear they're much better sauteed instead of fried;)

suesuey2k said...

Terry, Al and I are loving your blog and Al would be happy to come over and do all of your shopping as he is the Ultimate procurer!!! Actually, we're off to shop right now.XX00

Deb in Spain said...

I'll send them tickets today!