Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello Tick-y

During Spanish class today I felt a bug crawling between my eye and my brow. I tried to brush it away, but there was nothing there.  The creepy-crawly facial sensation got worse when my classmate, Tex, wondered aloud if I didn't remember seeing some advanced tense of the verb Olvidar (to forget) in a text we'd read two weeks ago.  Hello Kitty, a new student from Korea decked in apparel by the same name, was humming a soft melody as I was was trying to remember the verb, "to forget".  No, I told Tex, I have absolutely no memory of that verb.  I forget! With that, Hello Kitty, humming her ancient tune, widened her eyes and rifled through her Hello Kitty stuffed animal pencil bag.  It was then that the facial tickle turned into a full-fledged tick.

I rushed home to explore exactly what my medical issues are.  Here's the Google definition:

The causes of facial tics are still poorly understood,but some things are thought to trigger or worsen the symptoms. Tics ... can also very often be symptoms of other conditions such as Tourette syndrome, whose causes are most likely neurological... Stress and anxiety have also been shown to provoke and significantly increase the frequency of facial tics.

I have the following symptoms:
  1. The urge to lunge at Hello Kitty when she hums incessantly from 9:30 am to 1:30 PM
  2. The urge to lunge at Tex for showing off her photo brain every chance she has.
  3. The Urge to swear uncontrollably (when learning Spanish).
  4. Uncontrollable facial tics (while in class).
Symptoms disappear after 1:30 PM when class is over.


Alison said...

...good-bye kitty!

Chip said...

I never liked Hello Kitty. Even when Lucua had us running all over the mall in Boston looking for the perfect pink Hello Kitty bag. At least she was 7 not 27.

KK Streator said...

I think you should dress up in that Jean Michael Frank monkey shit and fo head-to-head with her. Barring that, have you considered wearing the oh-so-attractive dachshund themed sweater to class? She'll be so jealous, she will forget to hum!!

Delora said...

Why didn't I think of that?