Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Pet Psychic Responds!

Here is what she writes (verbatim):

When you go to look for him, I got the sense that to talk to as many people as possible within a 2 block area from where you live, he says he's not far.  He's not being kept a captive, but apparently the person has no idea what to do or how to find you.  My thoughts and prayers are with you both.  Stay as calm as possible and send loving thoughts to Thunder and before you go out to look for him send him a message in your mind - Thunder ok we're coming out to look for you now, and we're going to ________ and _______ and we'll be calling your name etc.

Let me know when he's back with you.


here is what he wanted to say - what he gave me is in italics - he described it as best he could:

“Yes my soul essence is still within the physical dog body known to Deb Perkins as Thunder. Yes the heart is beating and pumping blood throughout the physical dog body and the lungs are receiving air as you are talking with me now.  No I’m not physically injured, the pads of my feet are a bit scraped up but other than that I’m ok.  Yes I am with a human, who took me in.  Yes I am safe and she is taking good care of me and is trying to find where I belong.  Yes both of those sightings were of me and I ran for about another hour or so and then was exhausted.  I curled up in a doorway and slept.  (this doorway was on the right side of the street and it feels like it’s on an incline, not steep, but can feel the slant of the street)  When it got light I started to retrace my steps but it got too busy with people and needed to hide.  (I see him going left into a smaller path, not a street, not an alley because I don’t see cars, do they have walkways between buildings that might be like an alley without cars?)  I walked for a few minutes and this woman was bending over tending to a plant and I sat and watched her.  She turned around and saw me and I could tell that she was kind and gentle.  I started towards her and she opened her door for me to come inside.  She gave me some food and water and I fell sound asleep again.  (this woman’s house is on the right side of this pathway, the door is inset from the street, looks like an archway from what Thunder is showing me) 

No I am not far from the house I can feel it.  I was too tired and hungry to go on any further and that’s why I went to this woman because I knew she would help me.  Yes I’m within 2 blocks North and slightly east of our house.

Yes of course this woman will cooperate and give me back.  She doesn’t know anyone is looking for me.  Yes I can find my way back if I go outside by myself, however that hasn’t happened yet.  It would be easier if you can come and get me.  I realize there are many houses that might look alike to you.  This woman has grey hair, wears it back in behind her head, is medium height, slightly over weight, but not fat, has a very pleasant face and shining eyes.  Yes she lives alone because there is no one else here.  Yes if you called out to me and you were close I can bark and you could hear me most likely.  I make her think of times when she had someone around and it felt good, now she is considering having someone in her life again.  So this has been good for her.

And yes, I do not like the housekeeper, she has a side to her that you have not seen yet.  I prefer never to go for a walk with her again, I am fine being with you.  Yes I look forward to you coming and getting me.  Yes this woman is quite sociable and well known around here so it will be easy for you to talk with people and they will connect you with her.  I’m here waiting and I love you.”

AND SO...we will be looking for the grey haired woman who has taken in our beloved boy dog tomorrow when we are back in Madrid.  Love and Happy New Year to you all!  We'll keep you posted...Delora


Anonymous said...

wow. so, i know this might sound goofy, a little flippant...but i got a "vision" of thunder with someone in the food a cook/chef or a waiter...i'm thinking someone in a white coat picked him up...and i don't know why i feel the need to post this but...there it is. good luck finding him...i have heard some amazing stories of dogs being reuninted with their families...good luck! alison

Mental P Mama said...

I feel like this is very real, too. WOW!!!!

Anonymous said... is the Amber Alert for has worked for many...think it is worth a try....I am sorry Thunder did not like his sitter...dont send her out to find him...It's good you are going home...maybe if he hears all of your voices calling for him you will hear his bark back. good luck.

Anonymous said...

WOW. That is an amazing post! If this works I am changing pet psychics as this was my pet psychic backup!



ede said...

I have heard the amazing pet psychic stories and I am a believer, Deb!! My heart is with all you guys!!! Thinking of Thunder's safe return!

Anonymous said...

Poor You! I hope there has been some progress made- I will send positive energy your way xo Lisa Z

Delora said...

Please send positive energy and any other karma changing trick you can think of! XX

John said...

This may possibly be the funniest thing I have ever read. That said--I hope she's right and you find the little munchkin.