Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Kids Are a Little Stressed...

Here's the course line up for their new Spanish school:

1. Lengua Castellana y Literatura (Spanish language and literature)

2. Ingles - (English. That's gotta be an "A" right?)

3. Ciencias Sociales, Geografia E Historia (Social Sciences, Geography & History)

4. Fisica y Quimica (Physics AND Chemistry) Hmmm.

5. Biologia y Geologia (Biology and Geology, we think...)

6. Matematicas (Geometry & Algebra, and maybe some other maths...)

7. Educacion Fisica (Gym, another "A", worst case, a "B")

8. Educacion Plastica y Visual (Art? See above)

9. Technologias (Tech)

10. Musica (Flamenco?)

11. Religion/H y Cultura de las Religiones/ Atencion Educativa (all I can say is, they haven't had much of this...)

12. Choice between one of the following: Frances, Aleman or Cultura Clasica (French, German or Classic Cultures)

It was not a good day.


Mental P Mama said...

I just had an anxiety attack for them. Lord. Have. Mercy.

moving overseas said...

My father was a diplomat and we moved to Madrid for 4 years about 10 years ago. It was the best 4 years of our lives!

I'm curious - why did you send them to a Spanish school as apposed to the American School of Madrid (ASM)?

And how have they adjusted, I see it's been a few years!