Friday, August 14, 2009

A new way to manage teens

Occasionally, teenage children will exaggerate.

For instance, they'll call you on their first day of Spanish immersion camp, as Lucia did recently, and they'll say: this place is like a prison. And you'll sooth your teen and say honey, it can't be that bad. You'll even go to sleep with a smile on your face. Then you'll visit your teen at camp, because she's ill. Large cement block walls will lead to 12 foot locked iron gates. A heavily pierced and tattooed 18 year old from the Czech republic will buzz you through. You'll locate your daughter's counselor fiddling with a ring of keys on her belt as she leads you to Lucia's locked dorm room. As the door unlocks you'll see your daughter curled in a sweaty ball in an airless cement room. They won't let us open the windows because of the mosquitos, she'll tell you. Later, she'll feel well enough to give a tour of the "camp". She'll show you the group shower, one white tiled room with multiple shower heads, where she showers in her bathing suit. There's no soap anywhere. You'll suggest brightly that she's probably learned a lot of Spanish though, right? She'll agee nodding. We've learned a ton of swearwords...

You'll leave thinking, occasionally teenage children will tell the truth.


R said...

about 40 minutes ago I was sitting out on the deck looking at beautiful Canandaigua Lake thinking about all the fun that the Perkins clan and must be having in Spain.

Then I see that my computer wizard of the friend the adorable Debbie has a blog. It must feel 100 years away from Fairfield. It's not easy being a minority that doesn't even speak the language. Sort of like your lawn crew.

Which way to the Ritz?
Love to you all,

Delores said...

Ha R!!!

At least we bring lemonade to the lawn crew! Everything in this city is closed today and the kids are in a broken down bus on the side of the road about 5 hours south of us. Hmmm. This patience thing is going to be a theme, me thinks!

Delores said...
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Anonymous said...

I see a book in the making...

Jason Kniebel said...

Buenos tardes familia Perkins! Lo siento por la falta de puntuaction en esta commento, pero no puedo escribir en espanol!

Como estan? Sus articulos estan muy comico Deb! Espero que los ninos se divierten y que toda la familia estan aprendiendo mucho espanol!

Leah y yo esperamos a visitar alguno vez en enero. Mientras, prueba el jamon!

Por favor, diga mi mejor a Chip y los ninos! Hasta luego!


PS - Let me know if you need any's been a while!!!! :)

Mental P Mama said...

Oh my stinking heck. Did they make it home finally?