Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I love about Spain...

It's the unofficial miniature Dachshund
capital of the world...

Supreme body confidence! Every woman, no matter how flabby, obese, or elderly, feels perfectly comfortable in a bikini, or just a bikini bottom. And they make no apologies.

Trust! When your new Spanish credit card and debit cards don't work (every day), shop keepers nod understandingly and tell you to take the merchandise home and pay when things get worked out with the bank!

Cheap Wine! You can't buy a bad wine at any price and after a long day of dealing with logistics (every day), that's a nice ending.

Fashion fusion! Seen on the beach in Marbella: a man wearing red espadrilles, a speedo -ish bathing suit, a man purse and a CSI Las Vegas baseball cap.

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Mental P Mama said...

Um, and where is your camera with all these new revelations, Miss Hower?