Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sammy Clark Madrid 2

Javier Bardem, in Vicky Christina Barcelona, is the real reason the boys wanted to move to Spain. Perhaps, against my best parental judgement, I opt to watch the movie with them one night when Chip and Lu are out of town. They'll be so excited about Spain, I think to myself!
The boys watch without comment, then comes the pivotal scene:Javier propositions two women -- complete strangers -- dining in a restaurant. He suggests a weekend away at a quaint 
Spanish village, together. They chastise him. How can you ask such a thing, they chortle.  
He refuses to be chastened: Life is short. Life is dull. It is full of pain and this is a chance for 
something special. The brunette is aghast, but Javier won't apologize. What offends you, he asks, that I find you both attractive? In the next scene, all three fly to Orvieto.
The boys look at each other as though all the secrets of the universe have been revealed.  
Mom? You can say stuff like that? They smile BIG smiles.
Flash forward to Spanish immersion camp 3 months later. I ask Lucia if the boys like any particular girl at camp. She rolls her eyes. All the girls like both boys, she explains: When the 
boys were asked at camp which girls they like, the responded: todas las chicas (all the girls).
The boys thank you Javier!

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